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Top Ten Reasons to Join the HBA of Midland County


  1. Get educated! The HBA offers an assortment of classes specific to the industry.
  2. Grow your business!
  3. Ombudsman and legal support to defend you against unjust regulations.
  4. Save money by taking advantage of the benefits offered through the HBA. 
    (if used effectively, available discounts could offset the cost of membership each year.) 

  5. Get your FREE listing on the HBA website where consumers shop for home building, remodeling and home improvement professionals.  As an HBA member, take advantage of the free website creation/support for YOUR business!
  6. Keep up to date on the codes and regulations that affect your business.
  7. Support the advocacy efforts of the HBA on a State and National level.  Support the efforts that are supporting your business. 
  8. Gain access to hundreds of other professionals in your industry and meet new people through our many networking opportunities. 
  9. Personally promote your business by attending one or many of the events offered throughout the year. 
  10. It’s time to take the next step if you are serious about building in Midland County

Download the Application here.